Analyse or fix PHP script online

This form help you to analyse your script code for selected coding standard (PSR2, PSR1, PSR12, Zend, Squiz, MySource, ...).
Also, you can check your source code compatibility with most recent version of PHP. The check uses the static analysis to perform audits. The exhaustivity is not guarantee without run of code in real condition on the targeted PHP version.

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Why use Coding Styles checker is needed?

The code source style helps you and other developers to read the code most easily. This php code checker and fixer online service is available free of charge.

Can I update the code style automatically?

Yes, you can (it's recommended) run PHP CS or PHP CS Fixer on your code to apply all rules of style code. You must configure the tool before running to define the main code style between PSR 1, PSR 2, PSR 12, Symfony, PEAR, Zend or your custom rules.
You can use a GIT hook to apply only to updated files.
This php code analyzer online is available to help you to test the effect of the style code rules on your snippet code.

What is the goal of static analysis to upgrading the code?

The static analysis help the developer to check and list all necessary change in code sources.
This php compatibility checker online help you to check your codes snippets.

What are the tools available to execute style code analysis?

This online PHP code checker and fixer uses "PHP Code Style" (PHPCS) with some rules sets or "Phan" to analyze your code snippet. Otherwise, use "PHP CS Fixer" to analyze and patch your code snippet.

What are the tools available to upgrade the code?

This online PHP code analyzer uses "Rector" to change your snippet code. The rules selected are the default rules to upgrade code to the targeted PHP version.

The static analysis is sufficient to upgrading code to new PHP version?

No, you must run your code with the targeted PHP version to run unit tests and all other tests. The manual test is needed to complete the test.