Confidentiality policy


This service uses Matomo to record the website traffic. This software is set to preserve your life. You can disable the record, by set your browser to send the "Do Not Track" header (DNT) or by saving your choice here.
All data recorded is only for the service owner to improve this service. No data will be shared or sold.

Analyzed code snippets

No code snippets will be shared or sold. Only the snipped shared by the snippet owner are available for another user by the share link. The security of this link is ONLY the snippet owner responsibility.

Saved data

For each analyze, this data will be saved at the same time: IP, Browser User-agent, date and time, code snippets, and result.


The service requests a minimum of personal information to open an account. For each action (registration, activation, reset password, login, login failure) the service saves the Browser User-agent, the IP, and the date-time. You can view this data on your profile page.

Connecting via a third-party service

For all third-party services (Google and GitHub) used to open an account on the site, we use the email address provided by the third-party service to open an account.
The email address is not used for a connection configured with the third-party service.
For GitHub, the application requests access rights to public repositories in your account. We do not use these privileges on this site.

Use of personal data

Personal data is used exclusively for the management of the site.


This website uses its cookies:

Name Usage
PHPSESSID This cookie is used for normal service use. (7 days)
_pk_id and _pk_sess These cookies are used by Matomo to save your navigation data.
phptoolsmm This cookie is used for remember me identification. (30 days)